The SSHRC Partnership Grant Project, Gender, Urbanization and the global south: a transformative knowledge network (GenUrb), hosted a three-day international conference, Feminist Explorations of Urban Futures (FEUF), from September 26-28th 2019 at York University, with funding provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), York University, and the IGU Commission on Gender and Geography.  With more than 80 speakers and over 200 attendees, we hosted paper sessions, roundtables, and workshops on themes of:

    • affective urban cultures
    • comparative feminist urban research
    • decoloniality
    • feminist GIS
    • feminist methodologies
    • financialization / debt
    • gendered mobilities
    • infrastructure
      migration / displacement
      practices of resistance
      right to the city
      social reproduction
      urban activism
      urban peripheries
      urban policy
      violence and securitization

Dr. Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University) gave an opening keynote entitled Echoes of Death and the Life Story, while Dr. Katherine McKittrick’s (Queens University) closing keynote was entitled Living just enough for the City/ Volume VI/ Black Methodology.  Please consult our FEUF program and videos  of the following:

  1. Dr. Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University), Echoes of Death and the Life Story, FEUF opening keynote.
  2. Dr. Katherine McKittrick’s (Queen’s University), Living Just Enough for the City/ Volume VI/ Black Methodology, FEUF closing keynote.
  3. FEUF Roundtable Discussion, Decolonizing the Urban in a time of Neocolonialism, chaired by Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy (University of Leeds), with the following speakers: Dr. Grace Adeniyi Ogunyankin (Queen’s University), Dr. Amita Bhide (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Dr. Faranak Miraftab (University of Illinois), Dr. Dalia Wahdan (Nile University), and Lorena Zarate (Habitat International Coalition).

Feel free to send GenUrb any questions or comments at and we look forward to continuing these discussions.