Art and Cultural Exhibition. Shanghai CRT with the Vox Photo Project (NGO) and Yuwatai Art Museum. Included round-table discussion with selected scholars and policy shapers in opening session. In Mandarin. June 8-13, 2019.



YouTube video Chal Ga Heera, Dir. Manasi, Prakriti, Prashant, Sreya, Tanushree, 12 mins. Trailer (Mumbai CRT). In Hindi and English. 2018-19. 

YouTube video Zindabad, Dir. Ajay, Apoorva, Kavya, Lavanya, Srishti, 14 mins. Trailer (Mumbai CRT). In Hindi and English. 2018-19.

YouTube video 119 People Per Seat, Dir. Anagha, Isha, Nayana, Omey, Pragya, Priyanshu, 15 mins. Trailer (Mumbai CRT). In Hindi and English. 2018-19.

YouTube video Tabdeeli, Dir. Anmol, Anna, Rishika, Sankarsan, Vyshakh, 22 mins. Trailer (Mumbai CRT). In Hindi and English. 2018-19.

YouTube video Udaan (2019), Dir. Poorvi, Priya, Ritika, Varun, Vishruti, 18 mins. Trailer (Mumbai CRT). In Hindi and English. 2019.


Radio Programs 

Finance and the high cost of ‘free’ education in Guyana (News Talk Guyana 102.1 FM), Halima Khan, Wintress White, Red Thread, Georgetown CRT, and three women from Sophia. Oct 20, 2019. 

Domestic Violence (Kaieteur News 99.5 FM), Wintress White, Red ThreadGeorgetown CRT, and three women from Sophia. Nov 18, 2019. 

Domestic and sexual violence, and Red Thread’s work in the field (Kaieteur News 99.5 FM plus live on Kaieteur Facebook page), Wintress White and Nichola MarcusGeorgetown CRT. November 20, 2019. 

Financial violence (Kaieteur News Radio 99.5 FM), Wintress White, Susan Collymore, and Halima Khan, Georgetown CRT, plus four women from Sophia. Dec 19, 2019.  


TV Events 

Dr. Nina Laurie and Dr. Maria Ester Pozo (Cochabamba CRT) presented a 30 minutes TV program about the GenUrb research project. Disseminated within Cochabamba via the San Simon University television network, Canal Universitario TVU, which covers current affairs. December 2018. 


Public Debates  

Roundtable “Women Make Cities: how to centralise our visions and empower our roles?” Natasha Aruri, Andreas Bruck, & Mudar Qassis (Ramallah CRT) & Linda PeakePI. In Arabic and English. July 30, 2018. 



Online knowledge mobilization initiative. “Relatos en voz alta.” Website. Cochabamba CRT with Bolivian artist Phuyu. 2021.