Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

6. How to find literature

There are several places where you can search for the texts that you will need for your review:

  • The library – subject guides are valuable resources, and some library websites contain useful online subject guides;
  • Databases: e.g. ProQuest or WorldCat [Toronto Public Library List of All Databases ]
  • Online searches for academic and non-academic sources, organisations, and institutions.

Other useful sources include the bibliographies of similar research, course readings (this is especially useful for locating key works), or journals that specialize in overviews of a research field, e.g. Progress in Human Geography or Progress in Development Studies.

Note: It is extremely helpful to keep detailed notes on how you conduct your research – this helps you document the research project and helps you avoid duplicating searches.


Reflection Exercise:

Where do you find the literature associated with your field of study?