McConnell Foundation

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Grant
August 11, 2023
Ontario Triullium Foundation
August 11, 2023

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We fund activities focused on at least one of our three focus areas: CommunitiesReconciliation and Climate. In addition to focus area alignment, we also look at national relevance and systems change potential. What does that mean?

  • National relevance: your work – even if it’s local – could be applied to other places across the country.
  • Systems change: your work tackles the root causes of complex problems. You seek solutions for deeply-entrenched systemic injustices. 

If the work for which you are seeking funding aligns with at least one of our focus areas and meets the above criteria, please submit your proposal using the “Focus Areas” application form. In this funding stream:  

  • There are no deadlines to apply.
  • There is no maximum amount.
  • Projects can span several years.
  • Financial support is typically given to registered charities, but other types of organizations may also be supported.