Dr. Penn Ip Co-Authors New Book on Workers’ New Villages in Shanghai

Job Posting – Feminist Comparative Urban Research Associate
March 9, 2022
Dr. Penn Ip Authors New Article on Shanghai’s Workers’ New Villages and Covid-19
April 6, 2022

Dr. Penn Tsz Ting Ip (Shanghai CRT), Dr. Zhang Yu and Dr. Liu Xi co-authored The Ordinary Women: Qualitative Research on Workers’ New Villages in Shanghai (《海上凡花:上海工人新村妇女日常生活》). The book has received the 2021 Book Publication Dedicated Fund from the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation in China. It follows the lives of a group of female residents living in the Workers’ New Villages in Shanghai, exploring the ways they live a challenging life in the face of rapid urbanization.

The Ordinary Women incorporates multiple qualitative research methods to capture the women’s everyday life and lived experiences, for instance, oral history, in-depth interviews, and participatory observation. In addition, the authors organized a COVID-19 Diary-Writing Workshop in the summer of 2020 to invite grassroots women to share their lived experiences and feelings related to the global pandemic. The book captures how these women coped with the immediate ramifications of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai and offers a new theoretical lens to interrogate the lives of the urban poor living in the demolishing workers’ housing located at the global city of China.

Click here to view press coverage on the book in Chinese, or download from the link below.