Introduction to Feminist Urban Studies

9. Analyses of urban form and women’s lives in cities

This has included an examination of issues, including:

  1. Women’s engagement in organizing social reproduction collectively at the level of the home, neighbourhood and city; Women’s attempts to shape urban form at home, neighbourhood and city-wide levels (activism, planning, policy).
  2. A plethora of utopian and practical proposals that aimed to socialise domestic work were to emerge: alternative house and neighbourhood designs, neighbourhood organisations, kitchenless houses, collective day care, housing and housekeeping arrangements, public kitchens, cooked food delivery, community dining clubs and other community facilities, municipal housekeeping, producer and consumer co-operatives and feminist cities. These are alternative arrangements to that of the single family home.
  3. Women’s lives in the suburbs and in city centres;
  4. Studies in urban planning and transportation and women’s access to housing from the material feminists of 19th century USA to feminist engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  5. The gendered dimensions of urban and regional development and planning.



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